Group Members

Principle Investigator

Yat Li
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, PSB 160
University of California, 1156 High Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95064
Email:; Phone: (831) 459-1952
ORCID: 0000-0002-8058-2084

I received my BSc (1999) and PhD degree (2002) in chemistry from The University of Hong Kong. As a graduate student in Prof. Wing Tak Wong’s lab, I studied the coordination chemistry of metal clusters and their catalytic applications. I received a Croucher Foundation postdoctoral fellowship in 2003 and joined Prof. Charles M. Lieber’s group at Harvard University, where I studied the optical and electronic properties of III-nitrides nanowire and nanowire heterostructures. I joined UC Santa Cruz as an assistant professor in 2007, promoted to associate professor with tenure in 2013, and promoted to full professor in 2018. My lab’s research focuses on rational design and fabrication of functional materials. We seek to understand their chemical and physical properties and to explore their potential applications in catalysis, energy conversion, and energy storage.

Graduate Students

Tianyi Kou
M.S., Shandong University, China
B.Sc., University of Jinan, China

Bin Yao
M.S. & B.Sc., Wuhan University of Technology

Mingpeng Chen
B.Eng., Tianjin University, China
Lab Safety Representative

Megan Freyman
B.Sc., Virginia Tech.

Shanwen Wang
B.Sc., Beihang University, China

Dun Lin
B.Sc., Sun-Yat-sen University, China

 Visiting Scholars and Students

Dr. Jing Zhang
Wuhan University of Technology, China


Dana Byrne
Junior in chemistry major

Soren Faulkner
Junior in chemistry major

Brianna Aguilar- Solis
Junior in Bakersfield College

Zachary Clemens
Senior in UC Merced